Hannibal is literally the most dangerous kind of lover, because you threaten someone close to him - anyone close to him - and he’s not afraid to tear your throat open with his bare teeth. He might not know what love is, but his jealousy, desire to own and just pure obsession covers up for that…


The Cast of NBC Hannibal on Tumblr; Part 1

  • Will: Pictures of dogs and art of his fursona. Will randomly bust out into creepy nightblog textposts every now and then. Askbox closed, ignores all replies.
  • Hannibal: Mainly runs a hugely popular fancy-pants food blog posting his nightly dinners and sometimes reblogs classical (and usually kind of obscene) art. Runs a secret sideblog where he harasses social justice bloggers because they're "rude" and reblogs stuff commenting "not all men."
  • Alana: Runs a blog devoted to mental health education and self-positivity. Reblogs original artists on tumblr. Really friendly to her followers and tries to avoid drama but gets caught up in defending Hannibal when people try to call him out.
  • Jack: Blogs mostly about news, particularly involving law and criminal justice. Has a tendency to make really vague posts about his life but "doesn't want to talk about it." Has an unfortunate tendency to reblog tumblr hoaxes.
  • Beverly: Half science blog devoted to genetics and biology, half fandom blog where she liveblogs her favorite shows. Not ashamed of her shipping. Likes to point out the inaccurancies on crime shows. Well liked by her followers but not afraid to call people on their shit.
  • Jimmy: Posts really random nature facts like weird animal sexual acts. Occasional drunkblogger. Becomes "tumblr famous" by accident.
  • Brian: Trying a little too hard to be "tumblr famous." Will change his blog theme completely with each new trend.
  • Freddie: ~FOLLOW MORE TOP TATTLECRIME POSTS ON TUMBLR~ Also frequently tags her posts with Marina and the Diamonds lyrics.